Darn Those Crazy Kids

HEY! This is Neli, Gabby, Sheila and Dan. We are in college and we're awesome. We're the 4 people who run this blog and we're here for your entertainment. We're also here to offer advice or if you just wanna chat, that works too. We're all bi-lingual but since I (Neli) have atrocious grammar skills, writing in Spanish, I'm not translating this. <3 Us

  • United States of America: Good news, guys, we took down Megaupload. Now everyone can rest easy!
  • Health Care System:
  • Hand-gun Violence:
  • Unemployment:
  • Public Education:
  • Gay Marriage:
  • Marijuana Legislation:
  • Middle East Conflict:
  • World Hunger:
  • Cancer Research:
  • Ron Weasley: You really need to sort out your priorities.